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Dime Industries


• 10 Award Winning Flavors

• Made with 100% solvent-free oil and cannabis/botanical-derived terpenes to ensure purity

• Potent Cannabinoid levels exceeding 90%

• Zero-waste atomizer so no oil wasted

• Inverted dual ceramic plates for optimal combustion and flavor preservation

• One of the only brands to use premium quality food grade stainless steel

• Proprietary heating curve that instantly heats up to 425 degrees for no burn and consistently even hits

• 14mm Diameter cartridge to fit water pipes

• Child-resistant packaging/tamper proof

• Validation sticker – counterfeit proof


live reserve strains

Guaranteed to seduce your taste buds with a unique experience, Dime Live Reserve offers our most exclusive hand-selected strains to tantalize your palate. Each cartridge is infused with exotic high terpene extracts and liquid diamonds, supplying you with the ultimate vaping experience. Our innovative process captures the essential oils of the cannabis plant while it’s still alive, preserving the natural flavors and aromas. The result is a product that’s both potent and delicious.


Dime Industries Signature Line is our award-winning, live resin-infused distillate cartridge. We’ve taken popular strains and enhanced them to make them taste like their respective flavor names. These strain-specific terpene blends with added natural fruit terpenes make an unmatched vaping experience. With a nice weed taste and a juicy fruit finish, you’ll quickly find a new favorite.

limited editions

royal pear

Royal Pear is a combination of two renowned strains: “Royal Wedding Cake” and “Pink Panther”. The result of combining these two strains is a crisp and fruity flavor, with exceptionally smooth taste. Our new limited edition flavor Royal Pear will have you relaxing in your throne.

Pina colada

Our Limited Edition flavor profile “Pina Colada” is a mix of creamy coconuts and pineapple, leaving your tastebuds with a smooth, summer vibe. Pina Colada is a subtle mix of tropical goodness, combined with a gentle balance of terpenes.

We’ll be expecting postcards from the island.

candy cane

Our first limited edition flavor is meant to make you feel like your sipping Christmas in front of a warm fire. With a mix of light peppermint flavor and sweet cream this Candy Cane flavor is a refreshing take on our Dime Line Up.

frequently asked questions


Leaking occurs due to: being preheated without being hit, being exposed to altitude changes, high temperatures, or if the battery is discharging without being hit. The cartridge will still be operational. Using an alcohol wipe, wipe the outside holes (where the oil is) to clean up the excess oil and sticky residue. 


If the cartridge has a severe leak, or you feel it has leaked due to other reasons, we will gladly handle an exchange for you, facilitated through the licensed retailer you purchased it from.


If an exchange Is required, please provide the dispensary’s information and a copy of the receipt in an email to support@dimeindustries.com and we will coordinate the exchange.


Please note, leaks are preventable. Store your cartridge in a dark, cool place, such as the carrying case provided with all Dime battery’s. Please remember to always charge your battery and keep it green to help prevent any future leaks.  You should always store your device in an upright position if possible.

This is not common and may occur due to improper storage or use. If clogged, preheat the device by clicking on the button twice. A rainbow light will appear. Give it a few seconds before drawing a little harder and longer, it should unclog and no longer be an issue going forward. Be sure to draw your device after hitting the button first. It is also important to be sure you have a fully charged battery, as a low battery can cause clogging.

Dime Industries uses lab grade stainless steel and quality glass, therefore if this product is dropped the product can break. For your safety, please discard the device if it is broken or damaged. The best way to not break your device is to put it in the Dime Battery carrying case after every use.

Although we highly recommend our battery, if using another 510 thread battery there are a couple of reasons why it may not work:


1.) If your existing battery is an “air draw” activated battery, it will NOT work. Our tank has the air holes exposed and will not activate an air draw battery


2.) Some batteries push up our positive pin, if so, please pull out the pin on your 1000mg tank to allow for proper contact to your battery.


3.) Our tank is larger, and sometimes DO NOT fit other 510 batteries and therefore not creating a connection.


4.) Some other batteries are too weak to power our larger device, and will not work


Obviously we want you to enjoy our tank, to get the full power of Dime. We do suggest our battery but most 510 batteries will make it “work”.