Are you experiencing issues with your Official Dime Industries product?  Please explore the following frequently asked questions before contacting us, if you still feel you may have an issue, please use the contact form to let us know. 

what to do if battery is blinking?

Remove tank, pull out positive pin that is on the bottom of the Dime 1000mg Tank. 

what if to do If I have a leak?

Due to unforeseen transportation and storage environments, leakage can occur to all tanks, however the cart is still operational. Additionally please make sure you are fully charging your battery. Low battery can add to leaking and clogging. 

If severe leak, we will need to handle an exchange that can take up to a week. 
If an exchange Is required, please provide the delivery information and receipt for us to coordinate the swap. 

Note, care must be taken into not allowing the product to overheat under any condition. 

what is the best temperature to store my device?

Do not expose the device to heat in excess of 95 degrees.

what will cause my device to overheat?

Overheat situations:
1. left in car
2. left in sun
3. store upside down

what is the best way to clean my device?

Excess oil, or any lint and dust that may collect from traveling with your device can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a cotton wipe. 

what do I do if the glass breaks on my 1000mg Tank?

Dime Industries uses lab grade stainless steel and quality glass, due to this if product is dropped, product can break. For your safety, please discard the device if it is broken or damaged.

what is the best way to store my device?

Always store your device in the upright position. Use the the battery case for storage and always store in a cool place away from natural sunlight. 

what to do if your 1000mg cart appears to be clogged?
Although this is not common, if clogged, please try to draw your device harder and longer, and if it lets go, you should not have any issues going forward. It is important to make sure you have fully charged your battery, as a low battery can cause clogging in your 1000mg tank. 
what is the micro-usb port in my 500mg disposable do?
Since it’s a disposable, there have been situations historically with these devices that users may lose the charge prior to finishing the material. 
For that reason, in the unlikely event this happens, we’ve added a re-charge port on all of our disposable devices. Once you are done, you dispose and off to another one. 
Note: Our 1000mg Tank version does have the connect and disconnect from the battery.
what batteries are compatible with my 510 thread 1000mg Tank?
Although we highly recommend our battery, if using another 510 thread battery there are a couple of reasons why it may not work:
1.) If your existing battery is a “air draw” activated battery, it will NOT work. Our tank has the air holes exposed and will not activate an air draw battery
2.) Some batteries push up our positive pin, if so, please pull out the pin on your 1000mg tank to allow for proper contact to your battery. 
3.) Our tank is larger, and sometimes DO NOT fit other 510 batteries and therefore not creating a connection. 
4.) Some other batteries are too weak to power our larger device, and will not work
Obviously we want you to enjoy our tank, to get the full power of Dime. We do suggest our battery but most 510 batteries will make it “work”. 
what is the THC % content on my Dime Industries product?
First, make sure you validate the product to make sure you have not fallen victim to a scam. Please visit the Official Product Validation page.
Please note all our official products’ packaging will have COAs on the side to reflect testing. You are also able to view them here: Product Test Results.
what do the different colors on my battery mean?
Battery life is indicated on a device by a color change in the battery light ring. 
Green light: 70-100%
Blue light: 30-70%
Red light: 30% and less
Are Dime carts CO2 oil, distillate, or live resin ?
We use negative -40 degree ethanol for our method of extraction, then it’s filtered and winterized and terp stripped for the final thin wipe distillate run. 
Once we have pure cannabinoids, we reintroduce cannabis derived terps and a small amount of .2/.3% of botanical terps and add natural fruit derived terps to enhance the over all flavor/experience.